Benefits of Booking a Banquet Hall for your event

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

Choosing an event space might entirely be your decision as to which one you like. You might be a big fan of an open area but choosing an open space has its own pros and cons. There are few reality checks which need to be seen before even booking the space, like, weather check, storm check, whether it’s a summer event or a winter event. An open space in winters is a no! Why? Because your guests will freeze, not to death but they will not be able to enjoy the event hence they will take a bad memory from your event. You wouldn’t want your guests to take a bad memory from your event with them. Right?

Here are a few advantages to booking a banquet hall. You might also consider booking Dee Marks hotel and resort, the finest luxury hotels in NH8.

Guaranteed Quality: Furniture of good quality is accepted at Dee marks hotel and resorts, also the quality is properly tested. Every single piece of furniture is tested before each new event. This ensures that the guests face no embarrassment during an event. Bringing a happy event is the main goal of our hotel.

Easy Catering Service: Hmm? So, let’s talk about food first? Half of your guests are at your event to fill their tummies. Food is the most important part of an event. And food management is a huge task. It’s not an easy one. With Dee marks hotel and resorts, the banquet hall near Delhi airport, wish for any cuisine and the in-house catering service is eligible to prepare it. Feel free to customize your menu.

Decoration: This is the most exciting part of the creative minds in your houses. There will be a thousand of beautiful ideas being poured from their side. With the modern style interiors and added up themes, one can set up a beautiful décor theme for their events. The best part that uses your décor budget at your own will.

It might be a difficult task hunting the perfect venue for your event, but with Dee marks hotel and resort, the best wedding venue in Delhi, one shouldn’t worry about anything. Schedule your visit and find your dream venue with us.

Planning a wedding amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has ruined a lot of weddings. There are many who have no plans to postpone their wedding and are continuing to plan a wedding in 2020 itself. This might be a tough decision because you will have to reduce guest count, implement all the safety precautions such as thermometer scans, masks, sanitizing stations, and more. Through this blog, we Deemarks, Best hotels in NH8 near IGI airport, aim to provide you a few tips beneficial in this pandemic.

Points to keep in mind to be married in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Follow CDC guidelines: Make yourself and the guests safe too. It’s the most important thing to do and you wouldn’t want to ruin it for yourself. You would not want people to fall sick by attending your wedding.
  2. Invite a smaller guest count: Make sure that the localities are involved only. And if someone is traveling, complete travel care should be taken from the beginning of the journey to the end.
  3. Consider F&B minimum: The times are uncertain and you never know what next is this year having in store for us. Make sure that you are updated with all the catering policies before booking. When can you cancel? What are the fees? What is the procedure if the need arises to change the date?
  4. Keep your guests informed: Your guests should be able to enjoy without worrying. Keep them updated with all the updates as to how are you monitoring the situation. Make sure your invites are such that the RSVPs can be done online with ease.
  5. Get local goods: Almost everyone has lost something in this pandemic. Loss in business, jobs, loved ones and mental peace too. Help support small businesses during this time. Buy wedding favors, welcome bags and other such items from local shops.
  6. Virtual wedding: The safest option is to conduct a wedding in private with the bride and bridegroom and the priest. It is quite easy to setup a live wedding keeping everyone safe.
Luxury Hotels in NH8

Planning a wedding with 25 or 50 people, Deemarks, Luxury Hotels in NH8, has got the best wedding package for you. Call: 9311325489 to know more details. Book your dream wedding venue with the best team.

The perfect venue in Gurgaon for your wedding

Delhi and Delhi NCR region are popularly known for being extravagant and well the people know how to party well. A real party lover knows all the tiniest details of the party venues. It is a real bash when the host is someone else. Real stress kicks in when you want your party to be lavish and your guest list is also huge. The guest list is not an actual problem to be worried about, finding the perfect venue to entertain them is. So, if you happen to check the best hotels in NH8 near IGI airport, we have the best recommendation for you.

The halls in Deemarks hotel & resorts are equipped with super-stylish interiors and the intricately designed glass chandelier can make your event insanely beautiful. The large banquet hall has distinguished party spaces. The staff at Deemarks is super-efficient and can attend to all your needs. As a host you just have to attend your staff, the rest can be taken care of. The music and DJ can light your party and keep your guests entertained.

If you are someone who has prioritize exquisiteness of a venue, then you definitely going to fall in love with the venue. Deemarks also flaunts a space near swimming pool. Décor and food can be taken care of in-house itself. The décor team can assist you throw a theme-based party. The chefs are specialized in the local as well as international cuisines to serve the guests with the food they can savor. Get your bookings done to impress your guests effortlessly. Once the booking is done the hotel makes sure to deliver their finest services from pre-event to post-event.

If you are looking for wedding venues near Delhi airport, Deemarks is the gem. Apart from wedding one can find the space at Deemarks hotel & resorts suited to different festivities such as weddings, engagements, receptions and so on. You can visit the hotel once the lockdown ends. The hotel is all prepped to serve you with complete cleanliness.

Different types of Tips for Hoteliers – COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses across the globe. The hotels are shutting down due to which there is an overwhelming panic. The only thing we can do in this current situation is we can sit home and stay safe. The precautions we take will help this situation to be under control soon. Deemarks, the hotel with swimming pool in Delhi is sharing some tips which opted by them too.

hotel with swimming pool in Delhi

Plan, Prepare but Don’t Panic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020. The exponential rate of the disease made it the pandemic. The number of patients affected are huge but there is no need to panic. Think logically and create strategies that will help you in the long run.

hotel rooms near Delhi Airport

Quality is key

One of the worst things to do after this all gets over is lowering the quality. Everyone is going through a tough time. The tempers may run high with all the cancellations of visas and travel restrictions and the widespread panic.

Stock up on masks, maintain a clean environment, provide sanitizers in every corner of your hotel. Reassure your guests that the hotel is safe in every possible manner.

Over the top discounts – Not a solution

Relax and do not overthink this worrisome period. Focus on a better future. Discounting room rates is a temporary solution to get more people to stay at the hotel but this may have long and short-term effects. Make sure that you are one of those budget hotel rooms near Delhi Airport.

Analyze the competitor’s price and then pick your hotel rate. What you can do more:

  • Create deals with value-added services.
  • Save discounts to a targeted audience or your loyal customers.
  • Practice flexible cancellation policies to encourage people to book rooms with you for the future.
  • Remember you have maintained a brand to date. Make sure that the current room rate doesn’t affect it.

Deemarks having the best hotel rooms near Delhi Airport, is all geared up to face the upcoming situations. Let’s all stay safe and stay inside.

A basic guide to the best conference swag

Running a conference venue adds a whole lot of pressure on the organizer to make it the perfect event. The need for the right space to make it a huge success and get the desired return of investment takes a toll on event managers as well. Choosing an event space becomes one of the most important and challenging aspects of the planning process. Also, here is a fact that most of the event planners spend a major chunk of their budget on the venue. These days cheap swag has become a major issue for corporate event planners. Deemarks one of the Best hotels in New Delhi, tells you about the most trending thing in the event industry.

What is a swag gift?

Ever noticed that attendees are receiving the free items with the brand logo or name engraved on it. It’s a freebie for the receiver but for the brand it is a great marketing tool. This generates goodwill and brand recognition among target audiences. If you have an event planned and are looking for Budget Hotel Rooms Near Delhi Airport, book Deemarks hotel in Mahipalpur for the best services.

Our experts list out few ideas for the best conference swag:

Drinkware conference swag: This includes reusable water bottles, mugs and tumblers. Match your branding or your logo. Drinkware conference swag allows attendees to refill water on the go.
Use a high-quality material so that it can be used for a longer-term. The more people use your swag the more it will help in branding.

Sustainable technology conference swag: This includes any piece of equipment or accessory, like phone stands, power banks and micro USBs that too made of eco-friendly materials. This swag works best in large conferences but can be used in any event of any scale.

Wellness conference swag: This includes a branded item that promotes mental or physical health such as yoga mats, step counters, and pill cases. This works in an event that features health-related workshops or for industries like hospitality where wellness themes and ideas prevail.

Travel conference swag: This includes an item that attendees can use during, after or before they travel. Includes branded toiletry kits, luggage bags and even fun games. Use in get-togethers such as roadshow.

If you are looking for conference room near delhi airport, visit Deemarks hotel and resort and book the space and make your event a great story.

Choose the Ideal Wedding Venue in Delhi for Extravagant Celebration

A wedding is a precious ceremony and everyone looks for the best destination to celebrate and grace the occasion of the lifetime. Marriage is a very sacred bond that every community fulfills by its customs and rituals.
Planning a wedding is one of the most unforgettable things that not only bring two souls together but also make a bond between two families. The place where you are planning to arrange your wedding is really important in making your guests feel delighted and happy. So that they would also enjoy the Celebration. If you are planning your wedding in New Delhi, you need to finalize the Best Wedding Venues in Delhi to have the best place for making celebration memorable, especially when you are arranging it in Delhi which has wider options in terms of green lush green farms to amazing banquet halls to much more for your consideration.
There is so much excitement, Enjoyment, Fun, and Foods at your wedding destination which is the basic foundation of your marriage and in the middle of all if you have selected the perfect Banquet Halls Near Delhi Airport your day from the initial point to the end of the whole ceremony will become more memorable and fantasized. There is nothing more satisfactory and enjoyable than entering inside your favorite wedding Spot and knowing that your life’s most important memories will be built at a place as per your choice, which you have finalized after rejecting other venues.
If you are also getting married in the near future and is on the verge of finalizing the perfect Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport are which is among the best and premium Wedding Spots then you can check varieties of the option at Deemarks that will never disappoint you in finding your perfect wedding venue. Deemarks is among the favorite Hotels in New Delhi Airport area chosen by many of the guests who reside in Delhi or coming from outside for their Wedding Occasion to make it unforgettable. 
Deemarks will help you in building memories and the moment you and your guests walk into the venue, you all should instantly feel the positive vibes over here that can make the place look more amazing and beautiful as well.
Deemarks has been groomed with best services with live music, well-prepared cuisine varieties with all variants from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. An exclusively designed wedding corridor with floral curtain entrance and curtains flowing on the way of your best choice color, colorful and assorted Indian set up to make it look ethnic in combination with a comprehensive and creative range of wedding themes. The wedding reception area will be fully decked out with attractive structures to brighten up the location that will make a positive impact on guests.
We will provide customized wedding services as per your choice and demand to transform your wedding event into a dream event. Being the Best Hotels in New Delhi we will be well designed giving flamboyant ambiance to give a sparkling experience to your valuable guests. Our decorators are all set to redesign our locations according to your liking and needs with graceful outcomes to set the stage on fire.
So, Choose today Deemarks to make your wedding Ceremony more grand and splendid.

Luxury Hotel in NH8 – A Complete Guide to Deemarks Hotel & Resorts

Situated in the business and shopping hub of Delhi & Gurgaon, Deemarks is the perfect hotel for your comfortable stay. The airport being nearby (4 kms away), it is perfect for you to reach and leave the hotel. The hotel is the perfect embodiment of world-class service and hospitality. The staff is completely friendly and professional and provides exceptional service to the guests. The hotel makes sure that the guest is welcomed and treated with utmost comfort and warmth. 
venue for corporate event
Venue for Corporate Event

There are three room categories in the hotel: Deluxe rooms, Premium rooms & Superior rooms. 
Deluxe rooms: These rooms are a perfect haven with contemporary designs and features. It has all the essentials to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Stay with the hotel for an impeccable service. The room includes one sofa set for you to cherish the evenings. The room offers top-end luxury like mini room bar, ergonomic workstation, electronic safe, luxurious mattresses and the interiors making the stay perfect for both luxury and corporate traveler.
Premium rooms: The rooms of this category are a mixture of warmth and welcoming ambience. The glass window from the room provides a view of the glazing stars at night and the very dynamic sky during day time. 
Superior rooms: This room category reflects classic character and sophisticated charm. It has a discerning level of luxury and privacy. The objective here is to offer an experience of warm atmosphere. This room offers an elegant circular sofa to seat six guests. There is a dining table with one chair to eat in the room.
The hotel has one restaurant and a bar. Serves you the best so as you relish variety of appetizing dishes at hotel dining hall or guest room at special order. The bar is popularly known as Hue Bar & Lounge. Also, there is a coffee shop open 24*7. 
The hotel also has one swimming pool. Book the venue and enjoy your special events near the pool. 
Also, for the Best Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport, book the hotel. It has a huge green party lawn. There is one banquet hall attached with the swimming pool area. One small banquet hall too. The wedding team makes sure to make your dream wedding come true with over a range of themes to pitch. Also, the hotel has its own parking space so as you and your guests don’t have to face problems parking your vehicles. 
The hotel has three conference halls best suited for the high-end corporate events or meetings. It is a perfect Venue for Corporate Event. For high-end services visit Deemarks and book the hotel according to your needs for one-thing is for sure and that is the quality service that the hotel makes sure to provide without fail.
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Best Wedding Packages by Deemraks for your Dream Wedding

Being the capital of India, New Delhi has all the important things that will make your wedding a memorable occasion. That’s why Delhi is on the top list of luxury wedding Venues in India. There is magic in this City that will make couples dream of hosting their wedding in an awesome way. If you are one such couple, who is on the lookout for the Best Wedding Venues in Delhi, then Deemarks is here that is the ideal option for you that you can trust blindly.
Wedding venues near delhi airport
Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport
Deemarks has all the luxuries with great services that here you will be treated like royalty within its premises. The hotel is located Nearby Delhi Airport that makes it the Best Hotels in New Delhi Airport that has all the amenities with tasty cuisines. Breathtaking blend architecture makes this hotel a unique and best place that stands out from the regular hotels. The touch of royalty with amazing decoration throughout the hotel can get you the taste of true grandeur in the luxurious rooms of the hotel. This regal ambiance is what makes Deemarks Hotel the perfect wedding venue for your most special day.
You can choose your indoor venues as per your demand that all indoor venues are equipped with the related things to host wedding rituals starting from Mehendi, sangeet, pheras to receptions. Each of these venues has the capacity to have 200 to 2000 people, so no matter how many guests you have on the list, Deemarks will ensure that each of them can get all the comforts and services they want. So, you don’t have to worry about that. We have Multiple Banquet Halls as per your list of guests, so you can get here the Best Banquet Hall for the Wedding in Delhi at the best market cost.
You can also get the experts’ help and service provided by the staff at our hotel. The entire staff puts their time & effort to ensure that you’re wedding is done in the way that you have dreamed of that from the initial stage to the end of your wedding. 
Friendliness packages and personalized teams are dedicated to your wedding and this will impact on enhances the splendor of your wedding. From tasty food, expert catering, amazing decorations to world-class amenities for your most special occasion, the team at Deemarks put together a wedding celebration that will leave you amazed. 
Weddings are always about your family and friends who are going to enjoy the day during your big day. While you host your wedding at Deemarks you can rest assured that your guests will get the best hospitality and services.
So, with all the best places to choose for your wedding, we are sure you would be able to get the perfect Banquet Halls in Delhi Airport to host your dream wedding. So, turn on the music and love as you celebrate this most important union with your family and loved ones.

5 Reasons Why Pre-wedding Shoots are Important

There is this obsession in human beings to carry-forward their genes and this obsession has made them socially obliged to get married. Obviously we all know that finding that perfect partner is not easy. You might have fallen in love, had breakups, then fell in love again, might have seem that this person is the one. Now, this relationship might have worked for few but others might have had a heart-break. But eventually after all the hardships you go through you meet that one right person and everything seems to be perfect and worth it. There is a trend prevailing where couples get a pre-wedding shoot. Since it’s a new concept we thought to highlight the benefits of the shoot. For the Luxury Hotels in NH8, visit Deemarks, the venue is lit and one can have an amazing pre-wedding shoot at the resort.
Wedding venues near delhi airport
Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport
1- If you are having an arranged marriage, you get to know the couple: A pre-wedding shoot is done to eradicate that awkwardness you going to have till the wedding. Picture speaks a lot and we hope you don’t want to ruin your wedding album by doing so. Such shoots give you time to meet before wedding, play and experiment with the shoot ideas, dress up, get clicked and obviously talk a little so as to know each other.

2- Know the photographer: Now, the photographer is like your shadow, roaming around with you everywhere from pre-wedding to the end ceremony of your wedding. It is very important for the couples to know the photographer and vice-versa. 

3- Break the camera shyness: Not everyone is a pro in front of the camera. It is very important for you to get the best pictures for the wedding. Obviously you can’t just pause at every step of your wedding. And you can’t be just shy enough to get good pictures clicked. So, get friendly with the photographer, know your best angles and be a pro at the wedding.

4- Get good pictures for the wedding album: Since, you can run your imagination wild with the pre-wedding shoot, you can experiment with the pictures and viola it might just add that peppiness to your wedding album. Also, you can use the pictures to invite your closed ones at the wedding and use them in the invites. These days e-invites are in too, who knows might help. If you are looking for a Hotel with Swimming Pool in Delhi, visit Deemarks in Mahipalpur, because it has got the right backdrop you just need for your shoot.

5- Get to dress-up: Since, pre-wedding shoots are informal pictures, you get to dress up the way you want. And since there is no one shoot there are many dresses you get to wear. It is like a trial run before the wedding.
The wedding season is on and if you are still searching for the right Wedding Venue in Delhi, Deemarks is the trusted hotel with the right services.
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Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Being an event organizer is stressful. It requires a great amount of patience to be an event manager. Pre-event, during event and the post-event things require a lot of hard-work to make an event a successful one. There are lot of things which goes before the event. Finding the perfect venue, logistics, crew, marketing and managing everything at the same time is a task. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to sell the tickets. You know how to play your cards well but we thought to list a few ideas how to promote your event and make it a successful one. Looking for a Conference Venue near Delhi Airport? We’ve the best recommendation for you and that is – Hotel Deemarks in Mahipalpur. Book your venue now for it is the amazing one in the vicinity.
Conference Room Near Delhi Airport
1- Turn your content marketing towards leadership
Make sure you make your content such that the audience looks up to it for insightful information. The more you will make your brand trustworthy, the more you will increase your chances of getting your content shared.
Make a note to self that there is no better promotion than ‘word of mouth’ publicity.
2- More of infographic
Infographics are best to share message, since they are crisp and presented in pointers. The audience across web is too busy to even look anything that will remain in their mind. Infographics usually combine information with entertainment. The better and crisp it is, the more it is likely to be shared across the internet. There is a good number of ticket sales done through social media, the number is around 10-20%.
3- Start a YouTube channel
Videos are more likely to create an impression on viewer’s mind. You too can join YouTube and take advantage of the craze. Broadcast videos in real-time by using the live video feature. Create curiosity amongst the audience. Give them a sneak peek, introduction to speakers and sponsors, what your participants will gain through the event and more. 
4- Professional photography
Photography is essential for many factors – like online advertising, mailers, print media. Well-lit photos are essential to capture the mood of the event. It sets a vibe and let the audience know what to expect at the event.
5- Sponsor a Wi-fi hotspot
People actually live on internet. There is no life without it. No water-supply, no food, the situation still seems under control but once there is no wi-fi- it’s definitely a code red situation. So, sponsor a wi-fi hotspot in the area of your event so as people get to know about the event. A good deed will make a soft-corner for your brand and people will spread the word.
6- Limited time offers
Entice people with your limited time period offers. Make it clear to your audience that the offer will be off the table after a certain time and date. A sense of urgency will make people more likely to swipe their cards.
We know it’s tough to organize an event, promote it, sell it and make a name of it. Trying to find Venue for Corporate Event, visit Deemarks hotel because it is one of the finest hotels in Delhi Ncr.
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