Things to consider while choosing a venue for a corporate event or meeting

First things first! You have a workshop/training/meeting planned and you are ready with everything. You have appointed the best speaker for the same. The guest list is ready. Choosing the right venue is as important as other aspects of the event. A right venue determines the success of your event. Would you like that your guests are keeping their eyes on the exit the whole event? Looking for a venue for Corporate Event in Delhi, visit the Deemarks hotel for it is the best in the vicinity.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a venue for your corporate meeting, workshop or training.
Conference venue near delhi airport
Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport – Dee Marks
1- Fees and inclusions
When you visit a venue and discuss the details get a clear picture of everything. Try to get the hidden costs from them. Be prepared with what you want and what they are offering. Are the service and taxes included in the fee told? Any break down fee included? Will the linens, tables and chairs be charged extra? Any food and beverage minimum charges? Does the fee include any Wi-fi and audio-visual equipment charges or the charges are extra? When selecting the venue make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
2- Space and layout
Choose spaces with the number of attendees in mind. A conference will seem half empty if rented for 300 when you have only 50 attendees to come. At Deemarks we have number of options available. It has got one hall attached too pool area too. Also, there is a huge lawn area for events to be held in open.
3- Location, accessibility and parking
If your delegates are travelling from out of town, you may want to book a venue near the airport, train or central transportation. Good thing, Deemarks is situation near the airport. Also, the hotel has a huge space of parking. Call as many guests you want the hotel will not short fall of the parking space.
4- Services and amenities
Not all the venues will provide the same level of service and inclusions, so do not assume about the amenities availability for your event. Do check with your venue if you need any additional services like special catering, floral arrangements, pads and pens, audio-visual services, IT support, staging & lighting, décor for event production, ticketing, transportation, or sight-seeing tours for the guests.
5- Atmosphere
Every ambiance or décor of a venue can set the mood of your event. If you are hosting a very professional event, do consider the setup of your space. If your event is to inspire creativity, consider spaces where there is enough space for group activities. Be sure to check the space for noise issues or nearby activities that might disturb you.
6- Staffing
Are there enough staff to support your event? What kind of dress do they wear? Will you need to hire more staff? Carefully consider your attendee to staff ratio to be sure if you’re covered. 
Looking for a venue that can meet all your needs? Book the Deemarks hotel which offers closed spaces as well as huge lawn area to conduct your events. You cannot get a better deal than Deemarks if you are looking for a Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport.
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