A basic guide to the best conference swag

Running a conference venue adds a whole lot of pressure on the organizer to make it the perfect event. The need for the right space to make it a huge success and get the desired return of investment takes a toll on event managers as well. Choosing an event space becomes one of the most important and challenging aspects of the planning process. Also, here is a fact that most of the event planners spend a major chunk of their budget on the venue. These days cheap swag has become a major issue for corporate event planners. Deemarks one of the Best hotels in New Delhi, tells you about the most trending thing in the event industry.

What is a swag gift?

Ever noticed that attendees are receiving the free items with the brand logo or name engraved on it. It’s a freebie for the receiver but for the brand it is a great marketing tool. This generates goodwill and brand recognition among target audiences. If you have an event planned and are looking for Budget Hotel Rooms Near Delhi Airport, book Deemarks hotel in Mahipalpur for the best services.

Our experts list out few ideas for the best conference swag:

Drinkware conference swag: This includes reusable water bottles, mugs and tumblers. Match your branding or your logo. Drinkware conference swag allows attendees to refill water on the go.
Use a high-quality material so that it can be used for a longer-term. The more people use your swag the more it will help in branding.

Sustainable technology conference swag: This includes any piece of equipment or accessory, like phone stands, power banks and micro USBs that too made of eco-friendly materials. This swag works best in large conferences but can be used in any event of any scale.

Wellness conference swag: This includes a branded item that promotes mental or physical health such as yoga mats, step counters, and pill cases. This works in an event that features health-related workshops or for industries like hospitality where wellness themes and ideas prevail.

Travel conference swag: This includes an item that attendees can use during, after or before they travel. Includes branded toiletry kits, luggage bags and even fun games. Use in get-togethers such as roadshow.

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