Different types of Tips for Hoteliers – COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses across the globe. The hotels are shutting down due to which there is an overwhelming panic. The only thing we can do in this current situation is we can sit home and stay safe. The precautions we take will help this situation to be under control soon. Deemarks, the hotel with swimming pool in Delhi is sharing some tips which opted by them too.

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Plan, Prepare but Don’t Panic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020. The exponential rate of the disease made it the pandemic. The number of patients affected are huge but there is no need to panic. Think logically and create strategies that will help you in the long run.

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Quality is key

One of the worst things to do after this all gets over is lowering the quality. Everyone is going through a tough time. The tempers may run high with all the cancellations of visas and travel restrictions and the widespread panic.

Stock up on masks, maintain a clean environment, provide sanitizers in every corner of your hotel. Reassure your guests that the hotel is safe in every possible manner.

Over the top discounts – Not a solution

Relax and do not overthink this worrisome period. Focus on a better future. Discounting room rates is a temporary solution to get more people to stay at the hotel but this may have long and short-term effects. Make sure that you are one of those budget hotel rooms near Delhi Airport.

Analyze the competitor’s price and then pick your hotel rate. What you can do more:

  • Create deals with value-added services.
  • Save discounts to a targeted audience or your loyal customers.
  • Practice flexible cancellation policies to encourage people to book rooms with you for the future.
  • Remember you have maintained a brand to date. Make sure that the current room rate doesn’t affect it.

Deemarks having the best hotel rooms near Delhi Airport, is all geared up to face the upcoming situations. Let’s all stay safe and stay inside.

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