Planning a wedding amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has ruined a lot of weddings. There are many who have no plans to postpone their wedding and are continuing to plan a wedding in 2020 itself. This might be a tough decision because you will have to reduce guest count, implement all the safety precautions such as thermometer scans, masks, sanitizing stations, and more. Through this blog, we Deemarks, Best hotels in NH8 near IGI airport, aim to provide you a few tips beneficial in this pandemic.

Points to keep in mind to be married in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Follow CDC guidelines: Make yourself and the guests safe too. It’s the most important thing to do and you wouldn’t want to ruin it for yourself. You would not want people to fall sick by attending your wedding.
  2. Invite a smaller guest count: Make sure that the localities are involved only. And if someone is traveling, complete travel care should be taken from the beginning of the journey to the end.
  3. Consider F&B minimum: The times are uncertain and you never know what next is this year having in store for us. Make sure that you are updated with all the catering policies before booking. When can you cancel? What are the fees? What is the procedure if the need arises to change the date?
  4. Keep your guests informed: Your guests should be able to enjoy without worrying. Keep them updated with all the updates as to how are you monitoring the situation. Make sure your invites are such that the RSVPs can be done online with ease.
  5. Get local goods: Almost everyone has lost something in this pandemic. Loss in business, jobs, loved ones and mental peace too. Help support small businesses during this time. Buy wedding favors, welcome bags and other such items from local shops.
  6. Virtual wedding: The safest option is to conduct a wedding in private with the bride and bridegroom and the priest. It is quite easy to setup a live wedding keeping everyone safe.
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