Different types of Tips for Hoteliers – COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses across the globe. The hotels are shutting down due to which there is an overwhelming panic. The only thing we can do in this current situation is we can sit home and stay safe. The precautions we take will help this situation to be under control soon. Deemarks, the hotel with swimming pool in Delhi is sharing some tips which opted by them too.

hotel with swimming pool in Delhi

Plan, Prepare but Don’t Panic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020. The exponential rate of the disease made it the pandemic. The number of patients affected are huge but there is no need to panic. Think logically and create strategies that will help you in the long run.

hotel rooms near Delhi Airport

Quality is key

One of the worst things to do after this all gets over is lowering the quality. Everyone is going through a tough time. The tempers may run high with all the cancellations of visas and travel restrictions and the widespread panic.

Stock up on masks, maintain a clean environment, provide sanitizers in every corner of your hotel. Reassure your guests that the hotel is safe in every possible manner.

Over the top discounts – Not a solution

Relax and do not overthink this worrisome period. Focus on a better future. Discounting room rates is a temporary solution to get more people to stay at the hotel but this may have long and short-term effects. Make sure that you are one of those budget hotel rooms near Delhi Airport.

Analyze the competitor’s price and then pick your hotel rate. What you can do more:

  • Create deals with value-added services.
  • Save discounts to a targeted audience or your loyal customers.
  • Practice flexible cancellation policies to encourage people to book rooms with you for the future.
  • Remember you have maintained a brand to date. Make sure that the current room rate doesn’t affect it.

Deemarks having the best hotel rooms near Delhi Airport, is all geared up to face the upcoming situations. Let’s all stay safe and stay inside.

A basic guide to the best conference swag

Running a conference venue adds a whole lot of pressure on the organizer to make it the perfect event. The need for the right space to make it a huge success and get the desired return of investment takes a toll on event managers as well. Choosing an event space becomes one of the most important and challenging aspects of the planning process. Also, here is a fact that most of the event planners spend a major chunk of their budget on the venue. These days cheap swag has become a major issue for corporate event planners. Deemarks one of the Best hotels in New Delhi, tells you about the most trending thing in the event industry.

What is a swag gift?

Ever noticed that attendees are receiving the free items with the brand logo or name engraved on it. It’s a freebie for the receiver but for the brand it is a great marketing tool. This generates goodwill and brand recognition among target audiences. If you have an event planned and are looking for Budget Hotel Rooms Near Delhi Airport, book Deemarks hotel in Mahipalpur for the best services.

Our experts list out few ideas for the best conference swag:

Drinkware conference swag: This includes reusable water bottles, mugs and tumblers. Match your branding or your logo. Drinkware conference swag allows attendees to refill water on the go.
Use a high-quality material so that it can be used for a longer-term. The more people use your swag the more it will help in branding.

Sustainable technology conference swag: This includes any piece of equipment or accessory, like phone stands, power banks and micro USBs that too made of eco-friendly materials. This swag works best in large conferences but can be used in any event of any scale.

Wellness conference swag: This includes a branded item that promotes mental or physical health such as yoga mats, step counters, and pill cases. This works in an event that features health-related workshops or for industries like hospitality where wellness themes and ideas prevail.

Travel conference swag: This includes an item that attendees can use during, after or before they travel. Includes branded toiletry kits, luggage bags and even fun games. Use in get-togethers such as roadshow.

If you are looking for conference room near delhi airport, visit Deemarks hotel and resort and book the space and make your event a great story.

Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Being an event organizer is stressful. It requires a great amount of patience to be an event manager. Pre-event, during event and the post-event things require a lot of hard-work to make an event a successful one. There are lot of things which goes before the event. Finding the perfect venue, logistics, crew, marketing and managing everything at the same time is a task. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to sell the tickets. You know how to play your cards well but we thought to list a few ideas how to promote your event and make it a successful one. Looking for a Conference Venue near Delhi Airport? We’ve the best recommendation for you and that is – Hotel Deemarks in Mahipalpur. Book your venue now for it is the amazing one in the vicinity.
Conference Room Near Delhi Airport
1- Turn your content marketing towards leadership
Make sure you make your content such that the audience looks up to it for insightful information. The more you will make your brand trustworthy, the more you will increase your chances of getting your content shared.
Make a note to self that there is no better promotion than ‘word of mouth’ publicity.
2- More of infographic
Infographics are best to share message, since they are crisp and presented in pointers. The audience across web is too busy to even look anything that will remain in their mind. Infographics usually combine information with entertainment. The better and crisp it is, the more it is likely to be shared across the internet. There is a good number of ticket sales done through social media, the number is around 10-20%.
3- Start a YouTube channel
Videos are more likely to create an impression on viewer’s mind. You too can join YouTube and take advantage of the craze. Broadcast videos in real-time by using the live video feature. Create curiosity amongst the audience. Give them a sneak peek, introduction to speakers and sponsors, what your participants will gain through the event and more. 
4- Professional photography
Photography is essential for many factors – like online advertising, mailers, print media. Well-lit photos are essential to capture the mood of the event. It sets a vibe and let the audience know what to expect at the event.
5- Sponsor a Wi-fi hotspot
People actually live on internet. There is no life without it. No water-supply, no food, the situation still seems under control but once there is no wi-fi- it’s definitely a code red situation. So, sponsor a wi-fi hotspot in the area of your event so as people get to know about the event. A good deed will make a soft-corner for your brand and people will spread the word.
6- Limited time offers
Entice people with your limited time period offers. Make it clear to your audience that the offer will be off the table after a certain time and date. A sense of urgency will make people more likely to swipe their cards.
We know it’s tough to organize an event, promote it, sell it and make a name of it. Trying to find Venue for Corporate Event, visit Deemarks hotel because it is one of the finest hotels in Delhi Ncr.
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Ways to Make Everyone Feel Welcome at Your Event

Including everyone and making your audience feel comfortable at your event is what will contribute to make your event a successful event. You claiming to host an event that welcomes everyone will not be sufficient until and unless your audience agrees to it. If you are looking for a Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport then Deemarks is the best one to be booked.
Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport
1- Don’t be biased when marketing
While you advertise yourself, think about the language you use. The way you market yourself tells a lot about your personality. Make sure you include diversity in the way you target your audience. Tease more diversity in your marketing so as you have more diversity at your events.
2- Post a code of conduct
Make sure that your participants are safe. It should be a huge priority of any event creator. A code of conduct establishes certain ground rules and guidelines so as the attendees know what they are and are not expected to do.
Post your code of conduct at the event, also it will be a better idea if it is in other signage too. Include it in the ticketing and marketing materials as well.
3- Make sure that your event has a staff with diverse crew
 Hiring people from different variety will send a message across that you’ve invested in diversity. It will bring richness and varying points of view to your event brand. 
Don’t emphasize on the “culture fit” hiring practice instead try adding more diversity. Make sure to commit to build a diverse and good team.
4- Make sure that you hire a sign-language interpreter
It will be a nice gesture if you offer sign-language interpreter alongside for those who are hard of hearing. Make sure that you include the same across your websites and marketing materials so that the potential attendees can get hyped to attend!!
5- Install signage that sends a clear message
Don’t want to be someone who sends mixed signals. Don’t be that person then. Install literal signage at your event to send a strong message. This will bring out the attendees out of their comfort zone. 
Take few notes of the same one can include in their events:
a) This event welcomes all.
b) At any instance if you feel unsafe, call on this number.
c) A simple rainbow flag will do the trick too.
If you think you have people who speak different languages, make sure to include them too!
Make sure you book an amazing venue for your amazing event. Looking for Venue for Corporate Event in Delhi– book Deemarks for it has some amazing spaces for you to conduct the event. Also, the services provided are amongst the finest in the vicinity.

5 Must Reasons Why You Book Deemarks for A Memorable Conference Meeting?

Business meetings are important and all you want to execute it in a perfect way. Apart from the discussion points and presentation that you give, there are lots of other things that affect your reputation in front of the clients. While organizing a business meeting, it is important that you have to be taken care of all the important things that will make your business meeting perfect. If you living in Delhi then there are multiple Conference Venues Near Delhi Airport but you have to consider all the needed things that will make your Conference a great event. And you have to choose the best one among others.
Luxury Hotels in NH8
Luxury Hotels in NH8
While planning a business meeting, it is important to understand that perfect meeting is always initiated with perfect planning. You should choose your venues depending on the Client’s requirement and the agenda of the meeting. Along with the venue, you also need to take care of cuisines & stay for your clients. Also, you have to take care of what your client reaches at the destination without hassle.
You always want a flawless and memorable meeting experience that you as well as your client should happy with the destination you choose. 
There are lots of Luxury Hotels in NH8, but you have to choose the best of among them. Here are the reasons why you choose Deemarks over other Hotels for a perfect Conference Meeting:
1. Premium Location: Deemarks is located Near Delhi Airport, that if the guests are from other countries they will easily reach the destination and if they are from nearby Delhi area they know the route is very flexible to reach. Transport is easily available 24/7 because of the precious location. So, reaching the Hotel is no hassle at all.
2. Meeting rooms as per your need: For creating a positive impression on your Clients, it is important that you book a comfortable meeting room, and Deemarks has Different choices for as per your demand. We have meeting rooms designed according to the needs & Demands of Clients that will obviously impress them. Each meeting room is well designed and equipped with the latest technologies & pieces of equipment.
3. Amazing Amenities: There are some important amenities, which cannot be compromised when you are conducting a business meeting. Deemarks understands your needs and has all the important amenities that will make your meeting a amazing one. Starting from projector connectivity to high-speed internet, seating capacity and ambience control system. You will get all the required things within no time. You just have to book with Deemarks and reach with your guests.
4. Floral Ambience: Deemarks offers a sophisticated floral ambience. The design of the hotel is based on Luxurious Royalty and it is magnificent in all the way. The approach, the awesome services or the decoration everything is grand at this hotel.
5. Tasty Cuisines: A delicious meal is very important after a business meeting that will help you and your clients to come up with tiredness. Also to create a good impression, it is important that your clients should have delicious food. Be it snacks during the meeting or a meal after the meeting, food has the capacity to leave a good impression on your clients. Deemarks has the facility of mouth-watering restaurants and bars, end your meeting in a nice way.
So, whether it is a high-level business meeting, a large conference or a product launch, we handle it with best way. Flexible venues, premier accommodation, innovative dining and high standards of service, all combined to ensure you for a successful and memorable meeting.
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Celebrate New Year Party at Luxury Hotel in Delhi

New Year 2020 is on its way and what better way to welcome it than to party like there’s no tomorrow. We know that there are still a few who are planning where to celebrate their New Year. To sort your New Year plan, we have got the best package of the year hotel Deemarks is offering. Just like last year, Deemarks, Best Luxury Hotels in NH8, is hosting the best new year party in Delhi. For starters to mention, the luxury hotel is having electric live music performance and top-notch DJs spinning groovy dance tracks all night.
Get ready to be dazzled with blazing hot New Year party in Delhi with foot-tapping music and great food! At Deemarks there is something in store for everyone, be it kids or adults. This party can be the best experience you will have this New Year’s. Still not convinced? Do we need to convince more to get into this bash in Delhi? Ok, so what if we list out the packages? Will that suffice?
So, the there are three different room categories namely, Deluxe room, Premium room, Suite. Following is the stay package-
Deluxe room (Double occupancy) – Rs 11,999
Premium room (Double occupancy) – Rs 12,999
Suite (Double occupancy) – Rs 18,999
Welcome drinks on arrival.
Accommodation for one night in well-appointed guest rooms.
Buffet breakfast & Gala dinner (Indian & Continental) at Bar & Lounge + Terrace with DJ.
Unlimited IMFL drinks for 3 hours.
The validity of stay package is – 31st December’19 till 01st January’20.
For details one can always contact at – 93113254-93/92/95/87.
The DJ at terrace will make you dance the right way and the bonfire will keep burning to keep you warm till you drop. There are unlimited snacks and drinks to keep your tummy happy too.
I hope you are convinced or else I will like to tell you that we have a pool too. Yes, you heard it right- there is a poolside DJ party too. Your party at Deemarks, Hotel with Swimming Pool in Delhi, is going to be lit. New year eve is around the corner so don’t delay and start booking your tickets soon. Be there to not to miss the madness.
I hope I managed to convince you well. Well, you will surely get the Best Hotel Rooms Near New Delhi Airport at Deemarks. So, without a second thought, if you are somewhere in Delhi Ncr and planning your new year party you should start booking your tickets before they are sold out!
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Hassle-free stay at Deemarks Hotel in Delhi Ncr

When going on vacation everyone is paranoid about their stay. Nobody, literally nobody wants to ruin their day if it’s not a smooth one. A very old saying which still prevails says ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and vacation is a break from the monotonous life. Therefore, when choosing a place for your vacation it must of course be hassle free. One simple thing if went wrong can ruin your vacation. That one simple thing could be anything like trying to figure out the directions or the hotel you thought you had confirmed turns out to be otherwise. And when your check-in the hotel rooms are not what you have seen online and you are jolted back to the reality. Frustrating, isn’t it? But Deemarks, one of the Best Hotels in New Delhi, is nothing like that, we are the same as we have shown us online.
Deemarks is the perfect place for you if you are planning your vacation, conference, business meetings or weddings and birthday parties. It’s just the perfect place. Also, it being near the airport adds to the advantage. Deemarks is a blend of modern-day aesthetics with a creative bent of mind which will leave you in wonders. The resort is spread in acres and is in the middle of Gurgaon hub near to all the facilities required. The hotel will give you a sense of serenity once you enter it. This resort is the best if you have planned for a short vacay mode. Why wait, plan your vacation and book Deemarks, the Budget Hotel Rooms in New Delhi, right away.
Now, if the blog has managed to convince you for the stay then please go ahead. Visit www.deemarks.com/ and book your room. You can choose from variety of rooms: Deluxe rooms, Premium rooms & Suite. The resort has a huge parking space so you don’t have to worry for once about where to park your vehicle. If you are a water baby and searching for Hotel with Swimming Pool in Delhi, you can go splash in the pool Deemarks is having. You will for sure enjoy the view the pool will give you. 
The booking process for the hotel is as smooth as butter. You can also call on this numbers- 9311325495, 9311325487, 9311325493 to book your vacation. You can also stay tuned to the social media pages to keep checking the different offers you can get. 
All these good things are not just limited to the blog. Deemarks can actually be the beginning to your happy getaway and fulfilling holiday. Feel fresh, rejuvenated and completely relaxed after your stay at the hotel as you go back to your home. Deemarks, one of the Finest Luxury Hotels in NH8 is worth a visit. 
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Plan Your Special Occasion at Deemarks – Best Hotels in NH8 Near IGI airport

When you are planning for any special occasion, the first thing which came in your mind is which hotel or banquet hall you should book? As there are lots of hotels, you cannot choose the best one out of others. But here comes the Name Deemarks which is among the Best Hotels in New Delhi Airport Nearby areas that provide the best services to their guests and fulfill all their needs as per Occasion based. 
You can see our features on our website and book your stay as per your needs and requirements. We can also provide you with the best luxury services that will make your stay memorable. From the time you check-in our hotel you will get an amazing feeling with an honorable welcome.
Banquet Hall Near Delhi Airport
Banquet Hall Near Delhi Airport
We always trust in building a lifelong relationship with our guests and have the Best Banquet Hall Near Delhi Airport for all special occasions like birthday, marriage or corporate parties. It’s really difficult to get the best Hotels among many which are going to solve your desired purpose in a more authentic way with better services. There are many visitors, who want a quality of facilities and reputation name for occasion or function find our services perfect for their needs.
At this hotel, you will enjoy the city view with luxuriant amenities, delicious multi cuisines, and genuine care and attention for each and every single guest with the best market price as compared to Other Hotels Near New Delhi Airport
Best Hotels in NH8 Near IGI airport
Best Hotels in NH8 Near IGI Airport
You can also get medical facilities and laundry services as per your demand with flexibility. Our services are quite good in all hotel management fields. We have well-educated staff and specialists who will welcome you in an awesome way and will resolve all of your problems immediately regarding anything that you might face. 
We guarantee that you will not face any difficulties in our room services or for any events for which you have booked the hotel. Your all request has been fulfilled, only you need to order what you want. Our hotel House inn meals are very delicious, & tasty with have a multicuisine facility that will make your day. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner with have a long menu that includes multiple options from which you can easily choose your favorite dish.
All of our staff at this hotel believes in building a strong relationship with our esteemed guests. We are always ready to serve you in every possible way.
We Location are surrounded by commercial areas and we serve as the sole affordable luxury hotel for all of our precious Guests. Our Clientele includes SME’s as well as large Enterprises that include IT, telecom, engineering, power, and manufacturing Sectors. 
We are the best organized with budgeted Hotels in New Delhi Airport area and are professionally managed and fulfill all standards of services as our guest demands.
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Things to consider while choosing a venue for a corporate event or meeting

First things first! You have a workshop/training/meeting planned and you are ready with everything. You have appointed the best speaker for the same. The guest list is ready. Choosing the right venue is as important as other aspects of the event. A right venue determines the success of your event. Would you like that your guests are keeping their eyes on the exit the whole event? Looking for a venue for Corporate Event in Delhi, visit the Deemarks hotel for it is the best in the vicinity.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a venue for your corporate meeting, workshop or training.
Conference venue near delhi airport
Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport – Dee Marks
1- Fees and inclusions
When you visit a venue and discuss the details get a clear picture of everything. Try to get the hidden costs from them. Be prepared with what you want and what they are offering. Are the service and taxes included in the fee told? Any break down fee included? Will the linens, tables and chairs be charged extra? Any food and beverage minimum charges? Does the fee include any Wi-fi and audio-visual equipment charges or the charges are extra? When selecting the venue make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
2- Space and layout
Choose spaces with the number of attendees in mind. A conference will seem half empty if rented for 300 when you have only 50 attendees to come. At Deemarks we have number of options available. It has got one hall attached too pool area too. Also, there is a huge lawn area for events to be held in open.
3- Location, accessibility and parking
If your delegates are travelling from out of town, you may want to book a venue near the airport, train or central transportation. Good thing, Deemarks is situation near the airport. Also, the hotel has a huge space of parking. Call as many guests you want the hotel will not short fall of the parking space.
4- Services and amenities
Not all the venues will provide the same level of service and inclusions, so do not assume about the amenities availability for your event. Do check with your venue if you need any additional services like special catering, floral arrangements, pads and pens, audio-visual services, IT support, staging & lighting, décor for event production, ticketing, transportation, or sight-seeing tours for the guests.
5- Atmosphere
Every ambiance or décor of a venue can set the mood of your event. If you are hosting a very professional event, do consider the setup of your space. If your event is to inspire creativity, consider spaces where there is enough space for group activities. Be sure to check the space for noise issues or nearby activities that might disturb you.
6- Staffing
Are there enough staff to support your event? What kind of dress do they wear? Will you need to hire more staff? Carefully consider your attendee to staff ratio to be sure if you’re covered. 
Looking for a venue that can meet all your needs? Book the Deemarks hotel which offers closed spaces as well as huge lawn area to conduct your events. You cannot get a better deal than Deemarks if you are looking for a Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport.
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