Planning a wedding amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has ruined a lot of weddings. There are many who have no plans to postpone their wedding and are continuing to plan a wedding in 2020 itself. This might be a tough decision because you will have to reduce guest count, implement all the safety precautions such as thermometer scans, masks, sanitizing stations, and more. Through this blog, we Deemarks, Best hotels in NH8 near IGI airport, aim to provide you a few tips beneficial in this pandemic.

Points to keep in mind to be married in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Follow CDC guidelines: Make yourself and the guests safe too. It’s the most important thing to do and you wouldn’t want to ruin it for yourself. You would not want people to fall sick by attending your wedding.
  2. Invite a smaller guest count: Make sure that the localities are involved only. And if someone is traveling, complete travel care should be taken from the beginning of the journey to the end.
  3. Consider F&B minimum: The times are uncertain and you never know what next is this year having in store for us. Make sure that you are updated with all the catering policies before booking. When can you cancel? What are the fees? What is the procedure if the need arises to change the date?
  4. Keep your guests informed: Your guests should be able to enjoy without worrying. Keep them updated with all the updates as to how are you monitoring the situation. Make sure your invites are such that the RSVPs can be done online with ease.
  5. Get local goods: Almost everyone has lost something in this pandemic. Loss in business, jobs, loved ones and mental peace too. Help support small businesses during this time. Buy wedding favors, welcome bags and other such items from local shops.
  6. Virtual wedding: The safest option is to conduct a wedding in private with the bride and bridegroom and the priest. It is quite easy to setup a live wedding keeping everyone safe.
Luxury Hotels in NH8

Planning a wedding with 25 or 50 people, Deemarks, Luxury Hotels in NH8, has got the best wedding package for you. Call: 9311325489 to know more details. Book your dream wedding venue with the best team.

Luxury Hotel in NH8 – A Complete Guide to Deemarks Hotel & Resorts

Situated in the business and shopping hub of Delhi & Gurgaon, Deemarks is the perfect hotel for your comfortable stay. The airport being nearby (4 kms away), it is perfect for you to reach and leave the hotel. The hotel is the perfect embodiment of world-class service and hospitality. The staff is completely friendly and professional and provides exceptional service to the guests. The hotel makes sure that the guest is welcomed and treated with utmost comfort and warmth. 
venue for corporate event
Venue for Corporate Event

There are three room categories in the hotel: Deluxe rooms, Premium rooms & Superior rooms. 
Deluxe rooms: These rooms are a perfect haven with contemporary designs and features. It has all the essentials to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Stay with the hotel for an impeccable service. The room includes one sofa set for you to cherish the evenings. The room offers top-end luxury like mini room bar, ergonomic workstation, electronic safe, luxurious mattresses and the interiors making the stay perfect for both luxury and corporate traveler.
Premium rooms: The rooms of this category are a mixture of warmth and welcoming ambience. The glass window from the room provides a view of the glazing stars at night and the very dynamic sky during day time. 
Superior rooms: This room category reflects classic character and sophisticated charm. It has a discerning level of luxury and privacy. The objective here is to offer an experience of warm atmosphere. This room offers an elegant circular sofa to seat six guests. There is a dining table with one chair to eat in the room.
The hotel has one restaurant and a bar. Serves you the best so as you relish variety of appetizing dishes at hotel dining hall or guest room at special order. The bar is popularly known as Hue Bar & Lounge. Also, there is a coffee shop open 24*7. 
The hotel also has one swimming pool. Book the venue and enjoy your special events near the pool. 
Also, for the Best Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport, book the hotel. It has a huge green party lawn. There is one banquet hall attached with the swimming pool area. One small banquet hall too. The wedding team makes sure to make your dream wedding come true with over a range of themes to pitch. Also, the hotel has its own parking space so as you and your guests don’t have to face problems parking your vehicles. 
The hotel has three conference halls best suited for the high-end corporate events or meetings. It is a perfect Venue for Corporate Event. For high-end services visit Deemarks and book the hotel according to your needs for one-thing is for sure and that is the quality service that the hotel makes sure to provide without fail.
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Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Being an event organizer is stressful. It requires a great amount of patience to be an event manager. Pre-event, during event and the post-event things require a lot of hard-work to make an event a successful one. There are lot of things which goes before the event. Finding the perfect venue, logistics, crew, marketing and managing everything at the same time is a task. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to sell the tickets. You know how to play your cards well but we thought to list a few ideas how to promote your event and make it a successful one. Looking for a Conference Venue near Delhi Airport? We’ve the best recommendation for you and that is – Hotel Deemarks in Mahipalpur. Book your venue now for it is the amazing one in the vicinity.
Conference Room Near Delhi Airport
1- Turn your content marketing towards leadership
Make sure you make your content such that the audience looks up to it for insightful information. The more you will make your brand trustworthy, the more you will increase your chances of getting your content shared.
Make a note to self that there is no better promotion than ‘word of mouth’ publicity.
2- More of infographic
Infographics are best to share message, since they are crisp and presented in pointers. The audience across web is too busy to even look anything that will remain in their mind. Infographics usually combine information with entertainment. The better and crisp it is, the more it is likely to be shared across the internet. There is a good number of ticket sales done through social media, the number is around 10-20%.
3- Start a YouTube channel
Videos are more likely to create an impression on viewer’s mind. You too can join YouTube and take advantage of the craze. Broadcast videos in real-time by using the live video feature. Create curiosity amongst the audience. Give them a sneak peek, introduction to speakers and sponsors, what your participants will gain through the event and more. 
4- Professional photography
Photography is essential for many factors – like online advertising, mailers, print media. Well-lit photos are essential to capture the mood of the event. It sets a vibe and let the audience know what to expect at the event.
5- Sponsor a Wi-fi hotspot
People actually live on internet. There is no life without it. No water-supply, no food, the situation still seems under control but once there is no wi-fi- it’s definitely a code red situation. So, sponsor a wi-fi hotspot in the area of your event so as people get to know about the event. A good deed will make a soft-corner for your brand and people will spread the word.
6- Limited time offers
Entice people with your limited time period offers. Make it clear to your audience that the offer will be off the table after a certain time and date. A sense of urgency will make people more likely to swipe their cards.
We know it’s tough to organize an event, promote it, sell it and make a name of it. Trying to find Venue for Corporate Event, visit Deemarks hotel because it is one of the finest hotels in Delhi Ncr.
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Ways to Make Everyone Feel Welcome at Your Event

Including everyone and making your audience feel comfortable at your event is what will contribute to make your event a successful event. You claiming to host an event that welcomes everyone will not be sufficient until and unless your audience agrees to it. If you are looking for a Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport then Deemarks is the best one to be booked.
Conference Venue Near Delhi Airport
1- Don’t be biased when marketing
While you advertise yourself, think about the language you use. The way you market yourself tells a lot about your personality. Make sure you include diversity in the way you target your audience. Tease more diversity in your marketing so as you have more diversity at your events.
2- Post a code of conduct
Make sure that your participants are safe. It should be a huge priority of any event creator. A code of conduct establishes certain ground rules and guidelines so as the attendees know what they are and are not expected to do.
Post your code of conduct at the event, also it will be a better idea if it is in other signage too. Include it in the ticketing and marketing materials as well.
3- Make sure that your event has a staff with diverse crew
 Hiring people from different variety will send a message across that you’ve invested in diversity. It will bring richness and varying points of view to your event brand. 
Don’t emphasize on the “culture fit” hiring practice instead try adding more diversity. Make sure to commit to build a diverse and good team.
4- Make sure that you hire a sign-language interpreter
It will be a nice gesture if you offer sign-language interpreter alongside for those who are hard of hearing. Make sure that you include the same across your websites and marketing materials so that the potential attendees can get hyped to attend!!
5- Install signage that sends a clear message
Don’t want to be someone who sends mixed signals. Don’t be that person then. Install literal signage at your event to send a strong message. This will bring out the attendees out of their comfort zone. 
Take few notes of the same one can include in their events:
a) This event welcomes all.
b) At any instance if you feel unsafe, call on this number.
c) A simple rainbow flag will do the trick too.
If you think you have people who speak different languages, make sure to include them too!
Make sure you book an amazing venue for your amazing event. Looking for Venue for Corporate Event in Delhi– book Deemarks for it has some amazing spaces for you to conduct the event. Also, the services provided are amongst the finest in the vicinity.

5 Must Reasons Why You Book Deemarks for A Memorable Conference Meeting?

Business meetings are important and all you want to execute it in a perfect way. Apart from the discussion points and presentation that you give, there are lots of other things that affect your reputation in front of the clients. While organizing a business meeting, it is important that you have to be taken care of all the important things that will make your business meeting perfect. If you living in Delhi then there are multiple Conference Venues Near Delhi Airport but you have to consider all the needed things that will make your Conference a great event. And you have to choose the best one among others.
Luxury Hotels in NH8
Luxury Hotels in NH8
While planning a business meeting, it is important to understand that perfect meeting is always initiated with perfect planning. You should choose your venues depending on the Client’s requirement and the agenda of the meeting. Along with the venue, you also need to take care of cuisines & stay for your clients. Also, you have to take care of what your client reaches at the destination without hassle.
You always want a flawless and memorable meeting experience that you as well as your client should happy with the destination you choose. 
There are lots of Luxury Hotels in NH8, but you have to choose the best of among them. Here are the reasons why you choose Deemarks over other Hotels for a perfect Conference Meeting:
1. Premium Location: Deemarks is located Near Delhi Airport, that if the guests are from other countries they will easily reach the destination and if they are from nearby Delhi area they know the route is very flexible to reach. Transport is easily available 24/7 because of the precious location. So, reaching the Hotel is no hassle at all.
2. Meeting rooms as per your need: For creating a positive impression on your Clients, it is important that you book a comfortable meeting room, and Deemarks has Different choices for as per your demand. We have meeting rooms designed according to the needs & Demands of Clients that will obviously impress them. Each meeting room is well designed and equipped with the latest technologies & pieces of equipment.
3. Amazing Amenities: There are some important amenities, which cannot be compromised when you are conducting a business meeting. Deemarks understands your needs and has all the important amenities that will make your meeting a amazing one. Starting from projector connectivity to high-speed internet, seating capacity and ambience control system. You will get all the required things within no time. You just have to book with Deemarks and reach with your guests.
4. Floral Ambience: Deemarks offers a sophisticated floral ambience. The design of the hotel is based on Luxurious Royalty and it is magnificent in all the way. The approach, the awesome services or the decoration everything is grand at this hotel.
5. Tasty Cuisines: A delicious meal is very important after a business meeting that will help you and your clients to come up with tiredness. Also to create a good impression, it is important that your clients should have delicious food. Be it snacks during the meeting or a meal after the meeting, food has the capacity to leave a good impression on your clients. Deemarks has the facility of mouth-watering restaurants and bars, end your meeting in a nice way.
So, whether it is a high-level business meeting, a large conference or a product launch, we handle it with best way. Flexible venues, premier accommodation, innovative dining and high standards of service, all combined to ensure you for a successful and memorable meeting.
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5 Must Things You Should Consider for Your Perfect Destination Wedding

A wedding is not just a ceremony in India but it is the most important Occasion of not just two souls but also their family as well that they are going to know each other for the whole life. It’s not just the future of bride and groom looks forward to their most auspicious day but the family, relatives, and friends are excited too to make this special day more special. 
The first thought that comes to your mind for the marriage date is to choose the perfect destination that will make your day unforgettable with great moments. And if you are residing in Delhi then Finding the perfect destination is much harder if you looking for good wedding venues in Delhi.
So, you need to make a checklist to find some better Wedding Destinations Near Delhi. So, here are some must-have things to consider:
1. Perfect Venue: Everyone has thought of how they want their wedding to happen in a different way thus, you have to ensure that the venue should same as your thought that will make your wedding memorable. Hotels in Delhi offer great deals in terms of services for your ceremony and provide the Best Banquet Halls for Weddings in Delhi.
2. Capacity of Venue: The size of the venue plays an important role in making your destination wedding a great ceremony. First, you should consider the exact amount of guests you are inviting and then pick the right location accordingly. There will be a chance of increasing or decreasing the guests’ number so you should also consider these things as well.
3. The theme should be considered: Every hotel in Delhi has its own architecture and interiors. And they will provide different themes as per your choice. So, you can easily shortlist the most preferred ones or which has the potential to fulfills your theme essence as per your demand. There are lots of Hotels in Delhi who have Banquet Halls Near Delhi Airport who have different themes as per your choice.
Wedding Venues Near Delhi Airport
Generally, people like to book for a venue that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hotels Near Delhi Airport provide you with just the right ambiance that will definitely impress you.
4. Budget Consideration: Before considering other things, first you need to set a certain budget for the whole ceremony from the initial stage to the end of the ceremony. Because Budget is the most considerable thing for your successful Wedding. Once you are done with the budget parameter, make a list of wedding destinations in Delhi With Different Hotels or Banquet Halls Near Delhi. This will help you to choose the best amongst the destinations.
5. Choose the right Package: Package is also an important thing while choosing a destination as per your choice. You should consider the best package among different packages that will suit you in a better way. Considerable things include the architecture of the venue and are an accumulation of elements inspired.
Deemarks is among the best Hotels near Delhi Airport that designed in a way keeping all the above considerations in mind to offer you the best wedding that would be memorable. So, Book your destination wedding Ceremony today with Deemarks and get the best benefits.
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